Planning a Themed Photoshoot?

Here is BSK Snap Vega –  Perfect outdoor photoshoot places in Bangalore.

At BSK Snap Vega, we offer a variety of stunning sets perfect for Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location. Each theme is designed to provide a unique and beautiful backdrop. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our popular sets:

1. Halli Mane

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Halli Mane, which means village home, gives you the charm and feel of a traditional village setting. It’s perfect for traditional photoshoots.

2. Santorini White House

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This set features a beautiful white and blue building, inspired by the iconic Santorini architecture, ideal for modern and stylish photoshoots.

3. Ball Lighting

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A set adorned with ball lighting in the background, creating a magical and vibrant atmosphere for your photoshoot.

4. Tent House


This theme includes a cozy tent house, providing a warm and intimate setting for your photos.

5. Uyyale

Uyyale, meaning swing, features a charming swing set perfect for capturing playful and joyful moments.

6. Moon

wedding dresses

This set has a moon in the background where people can sit and take enchanting pictures.

7. Arch

wedding photography

Featuring an arch decorated with flowers, this set provides a beautiful and romantic backdrop.

8. Horse Cart

pre wedding photography

A horse cart is available for people to sit on or pose with, adding a touch of rustic charm to your photos.

9. Gate Shoot

This set features a grand gate in the background, perfect for creating dramatic and impressive photos.

10. Bamboo House

pre wedding location Bangalore

This set showcases a house made entirely of bamboo, providing a unique and earthy setting for your photoshoot.


These are just a few of the many themes we offer at BSK Snap Vega. Each set is designed to enhance your photos and create unforgettable memories.

Ready to book your photoshoot? Contact us today and let’s create beautiful memories together!

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